Innovative Services to Diagnose & Treat

We offer a range of medical imaging technologies to provide a seemingly endless number of diagnoses—from injuries and disorders to infections and diseases. The following diagnostic and interventional services allow our radiologists to best evaluate our patients’ conditions and collaborate with area physicians on their care plans.

Diagnostic Radiology

Vascular & Interventional


As a subspecialty of radiology, vascular and interventional radiology uses imaging to guide minimally-invasive medical procedures. Rather than making large incisions, imaging technologies like ultrasound, CT, fluoroscopy or x-ray allow doctors to make small incisions for needles, catheters or other devices that are guided to the treatment location.

Neuroradiology primarily involves CT and MRI scans to diagnose and treat disorders in the brain, spine, head and neck, such as back pain, stroke, aneurysms, brain tumors and other conditions related to the nervous system.


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